📢MusicAIRE project highlights is back to showcase the next project in line, supported by MusicAIRE – “Envirofest Bečva Času 2023” (Acronym: Envirofest), organised by Zdravá Bečva z. s..

Envirofest Bečva času 2023 connects music and art with environmental themes.

The festival took place in August 2023 in a natural area on the shore of a gravel lake in Hustopeče nad Bečvou. The event aimed to offer visitors an attractive and high-quality alternative music programme, theatre, dance, performance and poetry readings, while educating them on environmental issues. The ecological and environmental education took the form of lectures, discussion
panels and workshops with environmental themes focusing mainly on water, the Bečva River, waste management, sustainability and renewable resources. The festival was created in 2020 as a response to the environmental accident on the Bečva River, when several as yet unexplained releases of toxic substances into the Bečva River occurred.

On 20 September 2020, an unknown poison leaked into the Bečva River, poisoning 40 tonnes of fish along 40 km of the river. The accident is still unsolved. Gradually, the activities of civil society – demonstrations, marches, petitions, etc. – have evolved into a festival that aims to educate and seek ways to live sustainably on Earth through music and art.

Envirofest is a unique type of festival in the Czech Republic, building a sustainable and community type of festival with a strong ecological overlap and a sustainable approach to life. Envirofest is held in the eastern part of the Czech Republic, it is not Prague or Brno, there is a minimum of cultural events, those that invite performers from abroad are even fewer, Envirofest is a bright exception to this.

Festival approaches:
– a pleasant environment and, strong connection with nature opens the hearts of visitors
– self-development of the individual
– no non-biodegradable waste, general elimination of waste at the festival
– building trust and responsibility among visitors
– inspiration by positive example
– the musicians and bands we select for the programme are not mainstream stars who are well catered for in the post-covid era, instead, we select those who place a strong emphasis on original work, by inviting them to the festival we help to spread their fame.
– inspiration is also provided by musical personalities from abroad, we invite bands mainly from neighbouring countries (Slovakia and Poland), who are currently on tour and their route leads through the eastern part of the Czech Republic, where the festival takes place, thus eliminating transport costs and therefore the ecological footprint
– the three-day festival includes joint activities between visitors, such as landscape art, which is then left at the festival site.

You can find more about the project ´Envirofest´ here:
👉 https://envirofest.cz/
👉 https://lnkd.in/dJhgP3Nw

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