📢 “MusicAIRE project highlights” is back to showcase the 39th in line project, supported by MusicAIRE – ” STAGE 4 EVERYONE – Full artistic participation”, organised by CCER MAIS -Cooperativa para a Criação e Promoção Cultural, Educacional, Marketing e Intervenção Social.

Accessibility has been a key subject in the music sector, in fact there’s a large community of people that face strong obstacles to participate in cultural events. Legislation and good practices have been improving, so that everyone is allow to participate as audiences, but there is still a lot to do regarding full artistic participation.

It’s easy to understand that a community can and will participate more if they have role models on the stage and in the sector. There is a discussion to be made regarding accessibility for the artistic teams and other music professionals. STAGE 4 EVERYONE is based on that belief. Through a video documentation, we will reflect the thinking and sharing of experiences between artists and professionals with disability, associations that work in the field and music venues, illustrated with footage from a European tour with a band where four stage musicians are disable, referring to difficulties and best practices on accessibility, fostering a participatory approach, studying policy framing and leaving more ‘food for thought’ in policymaking. In Coimbra’s Cerebral Palsy Association there’s a rock band that has been active over the last 25 years, 5ª Punkada, who played more than 200 gigs in several countries (most in disability festivals and social projects) and to whom CCER MAIS proposed a full artistic participation plan, record an album and prepare a show to go on tour in regular venues and music festivals, in Europe.

STAGE 4 EVERYONE aims to improve the accessibility of artists and professionals with disabilities or impairments in live concerts, on stage and offstage. The new ‘normal’ must change to a more inclusive and accessible artistic and cultural ecosystem, regarding physical, intellectual and social conditions, improving and changing the current practices, almost nonexistent for artists, technicians and music professionals with disabilities. We goal to contribute to advocate, at a national and international level, about the difficulties and inequalities that artists and professionals with disabilities face, and raising awareness and collecting best practices as guidelines, sponsoring better conditions and empowering them. We must test and prepare future EU support actions and policies that could benefit other stage arts.

You can find more about the STAGE 4 EVERYONE project here:
👉 https://lnkd.in/dTPWZYF7
👉 https://lnkd.in/dJhgP3Nw

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