📢 “MusicAIRE project highlights” is back to showcase the 35th in line project, supported by MusicAIRE – “ROMA JAMING (acronym: ROMAJAM)”, organised by Deutsche Chorjugend e.v..

Roma youth in Serbia are deprived of opportunities for exchange and international mobility due to political, economic and social issues present, which have been worsened due to the Covid pandemic. Jazz music represent for Roma youth a natural environment where they can freely express themselves and their culture. Professional Roma musicians are in frequent contact and often organize encounters involving youth. Project is putting its basis on these activities and relations in order to both expand and deepen Roma jazz music to Roma and non-Roma music youth that, usually, are not in position to take part in given limits of technical or financial resources, both institutional and personal, available.

Specificity of the project is to combine skills of professionals of music education and organizing capacity of a major festival in SEE promoting Roma music. Beyond skills taught/shared, it intends to promote autonomy and fits best for specific needs of young Roma and non-Roma musicians that will perform together. Plurality of experiences of professional musicians/trainers and of the Nisville Jazz Festival will bring a beneficial synergy, beyond intrinsic skills, presenting of Roma music as inherent part of European cultural mosaic.

Project involves a music festival and Roma professional musicians promoting transnational mobility of Roma jazz musicians and strengthening of their careers, as to reinforce music festival promoting Roma music as inherent part of European identity. Objective is to facilitate creativity and open artistic exchange of young and professional Roma and non-Roma jazz musicians of different cultural, social and economic origins, as to develop intercultural dialogue, cross-cultural cooperation. Young musicians to be involved will be able to identify differences and similarities, learning and sharing, exchanging ideas and communication, understanding, meeting new people and discovering “new worlds” through mobility, workshops, residencies, joint performing with non-Roma peers. Project also aims to raise awareness on richness of diverse Roma culture and its influence on European jazz music. Organizing of cultural events shall strengthen European belonging feeling among Roma youth, as increase awareness among general public that Roma music provided essential piece in European cultural mosaic.

You can find more about the break project here:
👉 https://lnkd.in/dyXcP_NG
👉 https://lnkd.in/dJhgP3Nw

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