📢 “MusicAIRE project highlights” is back to showcase the 35th in line project, supported by MusicAIRE – “Creating Children´s Choirs as Safe Spaces (Through Protection, Prevention and Promotion of Self-Efficacy) (acronym: cccss)”, organised by Deutsche Chorjugend e.v..

CCCSS aims to support children’s and youth choirs in the development and implementation of strategies for child protection and child welfare on two levels:

  1. employing methods of teaching music in choirs that are participatory, appreciative and empowering;
  2. shaping choirs as safe spaces free from physical, psychological or sexual violence.

To achieve this, we create a team at Deutsche Chorjugend who will provide the amateur choir scene in Germany with the expert knowledge necessary to develop and implement child welfare policies and strategies of high-quality choir practices. They will guide choirs to build up expert knowledge within their own community by working as an expert advisor with individual choirs, by organising and holding workshops for choir directors and choir organisers, and they will work towards including these topics in the curriculum of the training of choir directors. They will contribute to raising awareness regarding child welfare by showcasing the engagement towards child welfare, and search for further funding so that the results of this project can be scaled up afterwards.

Thereby, we aim to build up comprehensive structures that protect and strengthen the rights of children as actors within the music scene and that help to shape choirs into safe spaces that encourage children in their development, empower them to self-reliance and active engagement, and enable them to have fulfilling group experiences that promote self-efficacy and resilience.

You can find more about the break project here:
👉 https://lnkd.in/dyXcP_NG
👉 https://lnkd.in/dJhgP3Nw

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