📢 “MusicAIRE project highlights” is back to showcase the 30th in line project, supported by MusicAIRE – “BREAK IN CASE OF EMERGENCY: a survival kit for independent artists and label managers in the emergent digital environment” (Acronym: break), organised by Navalha- Associação Cultural.

#BREAK IN CASE OF EMERGENCY is a two-week hybrid bootcamp for independent musicians and labels, focused on the exchange and transmission of digital skills concerning some of the most pressing aspects of today’s music industry.

#BREAK may be joined physically at the charming coastal town of Aveiro, Portugal, or remotely through digital access to video-streamings. Hosted by a brilliant selection of national and international experts within each field, the program is divided into four thematic #tracks, each composed by a series of masterclasses, a debate and a practical assignment. Complementary #breaks will encourage the immersion of participants in the territory and provide a safe harbour for sharing experiences, debating ideas and envisioning future collaborations and networks.

The four #tracks will cover issues such as how AI, blockchain, WEB3 and NFTs are shaping radically new value chains within the music industry; release planning, manufacturing and distribution; copyright, licensing and revenue streams; opportunities and pitfalls of digital marketing in music.

The three #breaks will include a sensorial boat tour through Aveiro’s inspiring lagoon resulting in a collaborative music performance that will address concepts concerning acoustic ecology, exploratory music co-creation and live performance; a visit to a state-of-the-art music studio in the region, resulting in the creation of a collaborative video podcast; and a round table involving some of the most active and bold music programmers in the Portuguese independent circuit, followed by a set of live music shows focused on innovative and disruptive approaches to live music performance.

The knowledge and insights generated throughout the program will result in the posterior publishing of the #SurvivalKit —a step-by-step guide for independent artists and label managers, focused on surviving and surfing the emergent digital paradigm within the music industry, which will be freely available in digital formats.

You can find more about the break project here:
👉 https://lnkd.in/dJhgP3Nw

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