📢 “MusicAIRE project highlights” is back to showcase the 20th in line project, supported by MusicAIRE – “Environmental input-output assessments for music organizations” (Acronym: Eviota Music), organised by Reprex besloten vennootschap

🎵 “The music sector must increase its environmental and social (ESG) sustainability management to meet the challenges of the climate emergency and to make the music sector a fairer, more just workplace for womxn and artists coming from minorities, small countries. The EU will make target setting and audited reporting mandatory in environmental and social sustainability for large companies. Compliance with these new rules is very costly, because tools are being developed for stock-exchange listed big companies and financial institutions, often running into 10,000 euros per company or more. Reprex, working together with large accounting, audit and value-based banking partners, scientific, research and industry partners in the Digital Music Observatory open knowledge collaboration, hopes to bring down this cost below 500 euros, which will immediately pay off when a music organization receives green money.“

You can find more about the Eviota Music project here:
👉  https://lnkd.in/dJhgP3Nw

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